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Download Akrobat modern sans serif font free for all uses

Akrobat has come out recently, now you can have quality modern sans serif font for free, it will never disappoint your, or let you down.

Designed by Fontfabric an independent type foundry, launched at the close of 2008 by designer Svet Simov with goal to create high-quality fonts, a unique with class of their own. Font to serve as a good base for any designer project, web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc.

You will love Akrobat modern sans serif font with condensed proportions, the way I do. By the way all tried Akrobat, ended up Loving it!

To me, likely most of you will agree, there are few, well rounded quality free font out there. One with such nice, smooth round curves the way it have, it’s such beautiful, isn’t it?


You will love this narrow proportions, no doubt, is such perfect for all the treat, logo, ohhh! Will love Akrobat on logo, I wonder if anyone haven’t tried Akrobat on logo yet.

It will make perfect headlines or short paragraph treat too. It’s that condensates characteristics, that will make you want to go for it, it’s so perfect.

Weight and Language, Akrobat get you covered


The typeface comes in 8 weights with a geometric aestetics and slight neo-grotesque characteristic. Like its brothers, I mean Helvetica and Univers they are neo-grotesques too. You don’t have to use all Helvetica for all that reason, add Akrobat and you will never regret.

It contains more than 500 glyphs, with a wide range of languages. Extended to Latin and Cyrillic character support, as well as Bulgarian localization.

It’s free for personal and commercial uses.

There is bad fonts and good fonts. Akrobat is none of them, It’s excellent font for most treat. Good for headline, logo and short paragraph proves work so well. I advise you to add Akrobat in your font arsenal for future project, Helvetica client will thank you.

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Meshack M Mwakalukwa

Meshack M Mwakalukwa

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