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9 Tips Driving more traffic from Facebook to your website

Are you troubling driving traffic from Facebook to your website? It means you have to do more than keep on posting contents.

All that we want on Facebook is to get interacted with our customers. Sometime start conversation. Get comments, like, share and more exposure to new audience.

Then you get visits to your website. Buy products, order service, book an appointment or learn more about your business. Sometimes this visits signals Google to rank your content even higher. It all started this way.

In this post, I want to share with you some tips so you can drive more traffic to your website. More than what you are getting right now, or start get some if you are not getting any and transform your business.

Before we get started I wanted you to know somethings with Facebook. You see Facebook is different from all the others in the folder. I think understanding these difference will help come up with better plan.

Here are differences;

  • Facebook is private network. Used to cataloging information and ideas with likeminded folks, friends, and family.
  • Facebook loved more with middle class individuals, high school and college graduates
  • 24 – 50-year-old age demography
  • Facebook is well distributed between male and female.
  • Facebook is ongoing conversation and status live on several days
  • Facebook have best time; it is not as powerful as used to be.
  • Facebook is the best area to start on topical conversation, share in-depth content.

So, now you know what Facebook is in store for you. let dive in to see some tips, optimize what you post on Facebook to drive more traffic to your website.

1. Write high Quality content

No doubt quality content t is a corner stone to all online marketing. Your Facebook post should have that trait.

This is kind of framework determine what you share in Facebook should have

  • What Action do you want user to take?
  • What will compel them to take that action?
  • What supporting information can you provide?

Facebook post, some say 40 characters is enough. But content with 250 character found performs well. Important is, keep it easy but powerful.

To learn more how you can improve Facebook post, Check out The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook

2. Write Content Your Audience Cares About

Five days ago, buildfire.com posted incredible blog post. How to Write Content Your Audience Cares About

You see, now or lately you need to figure out what specific content your audience wants. Writing content reflects their needs. it is wrong, wrong to do otherwise, it is a wastage of your time, you better stop.

Persona is a foundational block writing content that resonate with your audience. You can learn more about how to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business here if it is the first time you heard about personal. It is powerful method ever.

3. Discover what content in your topic works on Facebook

Learn what topics related to your business is performs on Facebook. This way can help your work on something that is already working. It helps looks not only relevant to your audience but it is in the moment.

Relevant and at the moment posts are key to the success of your post on the Facebook. It’s likely will get like, shared, and clicks.

Now Buzzsumo helps you analyze what content performs best for any topic in the Facebook. Now you can easy understand what’s hot in your niche, in your topic, around your subject right away.

It’s so handy make your post relevant, and at the moment has never been so easy than this way before. Thanks to Buzzsumo.

Another way you can learn what is working in the Facebook is looking on what your competitors doing. Take advantage of what your competitors content performance will help spot opportunity.

do you need tool to spy your competitor? You need this article 62 tools to track your competition list is worth your click, there is enough tools for everyone, go and get one for yourself.

4. Headline has to be “shareable” and clickable by your Audience

A good headline must attract someone to your post. It set the tone for the rest of the post and the define expectation if one visits the page.

Headlines are trickier part of the post, this 5 types of headlines you should start using from now on:

  • Normal: Say what it is and get straight to the point
    Ex: Ways To Prepare Delicious Teas
  • Question: Generate doubt and then provide the answer
    Ex: What are the Most Incredible Ways to Prepare Delicious Teas?
  • “How to”: Give a solution, teach something useful.
    Ex: How to Prepare Delicious Teas in 3 Super Quick and Simple Ways.
  • Numbers/Lists: Make it seems like practical solution, or the best possible choice.
    Ex: The 15 Best Ways to Prepare Delicious Teas You Never Knew Existed.
  • Reader addressing: Grab your audience’s attention with title that speaks direct to them. Like a one on one a conversation.
    Ex: Different Ways You Need to Know to Make Delicious Teas and Impress Your Demanding Guests.

The fact is, 2 out of 10 people will click your headline. You have to put lot of effort in crafting your headline to encourage more clicks.

Learn cool trick help craft waow! headlines for social media here; 5 Tricks for writing great headlines on Twitter and Facebook as awesome and clickable as BuzzFeed’s

5. Use relevant Image, it performs above and beyond

To give you a picture of how important image is,

  • Content with compelling images get 94% more total views
  • Visual content generates 65% more engagements.

So find relevant image to incorporate in every post. Funny, casual and personal images tend to auto perform cooperate type image. Stay away of stock images.

And now you can control which image to use in your Facebook post. This Post How do I control which image / photo is posted to Facebook? cover pretty well how you can do just that

6. Time Your Posting, what is the best time to post?

Post Timing is not as powerful as it used to be early days. Facebook has grown up it too smart, but it is important you consider, when is you best time to post.

So what the best time I have to post? Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer for that.

Like we pointed before, Facebook have optimal post time. It’s depends on your area, audience and business category.

Different businesses may find different days and times work best for them. You need to test what works best for your business.

Below is the guideline timing you can to start with while you are figuring that sweet spot

Sunday and Saturday 12:00 -1:00 PM

Wednesday 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Thursday and Friday 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Explore more The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Sites

7. Post on your Profile Too

Pages is where businesses, brands, and organizations connect with people. You can publish stories, hosting events, adding apps and more. People who like your Page and their friends can get updates in News Feed.

Your profile is collection of your photos, stories and experiences that tell your story. Your profile allows people to “friend” you, is also open to people to follow you. There is no any marketing.

There have been many Facebook updates most to do with organic reach. Facebook now is giving more room for personal profile update to show up on time line feed than brand page.

This means you will get more opportunity to reach more people timelines than your brand. brand use to dominate more, now it’s too small.

Don’t feel gilt do discuss your business stuffs in your profile. There’s opportunity discussing what you do in your profile.

You let your friends know what you’re doing so they know who to call when in need.

People love to connect in personal level than connecting to business. It’s, Facebook is not a marketing place. It’s a social media, where people sit down and socialize with their fellow.

The best practice is to have difference message to both audiences. People hate seeing the same exact update to both your profile and brand page.

8. Track everything, Measure ROI

ROI or return over investment is the only true indicator if your efforts worth a thing. You have to track what visitors from Facebook do when they visit your website. Are they fulling your set goals?

Google analytic is awesome free analytic tool available for you, and you should be using it by now. The Analytic works well if you set up goals. But if you haven’t set goals, you can still track visitors to your website from social media.

Goals enable you to find out if the visitors from social media are becoming leads and leading to sales.

You can learn more how to Use Google Analytic to Track Facebook Referrals Post by Andrew Foxwell

Tracking any analysis will help you get clear picture of how you perform on Facebook and if it worth. It can affirm you, if Facebook activities add value to your business.

Don’t miss to check Kristi Hines post 3 Ways to Measure Social Media Success in Google Analytics. Kristi walks you on how to set up goals in analytic

9. Boost Post with good ROI

Others hate that Boost Button, you should not, when to boost your post? Is the question, We have the answer.

Boost post after measuring your Facebook traffic performance. If you find a post with good return on investment go ahead and pay to amplify.

When you see a post is performing well and you get more of those visitors and they’re going to convert why not fire up? Facebook’s traffic is lot cheaper on a per-click basis than others. It’s also much less targeted.

It tends not to perform as well, but much less expensive. I would urge you to pay to amplify after measure against your goals, and when you are happy with results.

Some are performing so well on Facebook; they’re paying to drive all that traffic to their site. Doing so they amplify their organic reach too. Ex, Buzzfeed, they’re getting allot of visitors from Facebook organic and paid reach.

All Said and well done, add controversy, passion, excitement, tribalism stuffs in your post. Facebook audience love these type of stuff if you want Facebook work for you. Stay true to your audience, be helpful this way it will earn your reputation, which is important.

Ryan Kettler of conviceandconvert.com have greater post about this subject. His 5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally to Drive More Engagement can be of helpful if you need to explore more this area.

It has been long post for me already. I think some of you have great tips or things works well on Facebook.

What I would love to see you share them in the comments below. I would love to read through them.

Some of my friend real need that tip, we have done extensive work already, but one more thing could save someone struggling to have his day. We’d love to hear from you.

All right everyone, take care.


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