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Why Online Website Builder Isn't right choice for your Business

Some of us (many I guess) these marketing material, website being part of it, covers the overall brand establishment, they are important constituents of our business image, of which shouldn’t take rightly.

Does anyone still need website to get word out these days?

Ohh Yes, you see, to get your message out, you’ll likely use social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr so simple, isn’t it?

Not so fast, what if all you want is something that will not take away so much of your freedom, something that will truly define your online presence, your business and you.

Time when you need to command authority, and professionalism – complete website of your own design, your own taste, and desire is the only answer.

Your own website will defiantly give you a sense easy and “Good sleep” at night since you know for sure that, trouble on Facebook (such as Fake News) won’t jeopardize your business, I mean you can go on with or without presence of Facebook!

when you need a website to help your business automate some part of your business functionality, though, some social media website can help with most of it such as sale, customer care, and lost more but again not all of it.

Now, what are online website builder?

These are service providers enable you to create a website on top of their platform, to put it in the right way, they help you create a really good website, a well-designed website, mobile ready without any technical knowledge.

Some offer even more robust functionality to fulfill your business goals, like real money-making options, growing your clients, capture leads and so forth.

If you are small business sometime this is very enough, with very constrain budget, $ 8 a month and couple of hours in front dragging things around you are good to go.

The 5 best example of online website builders, – can help you create attractive website

Most visible and complain about online website builder is that, it won’t be so easy to move on if should someday or as Facebook, if they go out of business your business too will suffer,
hey Google, closed Woza Online service in 2015 after being in operation for 3yrs with 4000 users onboard, this is all they say;

Closing offerings always involve tough choices, but we do think very hard about each decision and its implications for our users, and we want to ensure that businesses in South Africa get the best of the web, which is why we’re introducing new options,

said Google

One user was lucky she had plan to move to her own website, when asked this was her respond;

I already have one, so it’s not too much of an issue for me actually but other people might have a bit of an issue with it

Online website builder is not right choice for you and your Business here is why,

Building a website that works is no simple task regardless of the platform you use, a marketing catch phrases “build a high-quality website in minutes” is sometime a total lie.

Don’t ever make that cheap mistakes – assuming its simple and a developer will sort it out in a minute. Building successful website require LOTS of thought before you even thinking about touching a line of code.

Let me share with you some pre-requisites may be might help you sometime in the future;

  • Have a business plan – what are you selling, what are you doing better than everyone else
  • What is your business brand – who are you selling to – what is your market demographic?
  • What online functionality do you want now and 3 years from now
  • Are backups important? Ability to migrate to faster platforms? Are page revisions important?
  • Is your site competing against others in the field? Does your website must dominate the other competitors in both looks, performance, SEO – and or functionality?
  • Is security important? (ie are personal details stored on the site)
  • Is the site something you want to update yourself? Or partially update yourself?
  • What happens if your site goes down. How critical is it to the day to day function of your business?

Many who rush to online website builders don’t even think about these things. Most of those questions laid down together can dramatically change everything, like, defining what platform will  efficiently handle challenges brought forward, in the short and long term.

Simple checklist (like one above) helps numerously business to determine what platform, or combination of platforms to build their website upon.

What is the best, WordPress, Or other content Management system?

And in occasion WordPress ticks most of the boxes for an established working business – sometimes it doesn’t, but is become much is clear and lost easy to see way forward, not so when you only trust your intuitions, sometime the work, not always.

All in all, you need a someone to guide you through these things – and save yourself form unpleasant situations a heard.

Professional advice or work is not always needed right in the beginning, which will require a considerable amount of money, sometime professional help can be determined based on business position.

It’s well known, for example its fine to start on wix/weebly – then you might decide it’s time to dominate your market, polish your website, add speed, more functionality and choose another platform. It’s very common for businesses to re-build their site after some time.

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