Good website Key Features

Good Website features to help you convert or sell online more, and with data and analysis to help you make smarter, faster, informed, and objective decisions quickly.

Custom Design

Purely Hand Made

Almost each and everything in your website is hand coded. It's not a kind of system you make your website with. We understand it's nice if you have well constructed unique website; that's how you break yourself from anybody else.

Amazing Layout

Simplicity is beautiful, we don’t rely on our own understanding to decide what is best for you and your business; we think of your user. Your website designed for your user, and your target market.

User Experience

unmatched user experience, to make ensure the user experience is consistent across all devices, desktop, mobile and beyond.


Design with gorgeous typography, fonts you will or love, embedded on your website,  not rely on the user device, so you are sure your site design, look and feel is consistent across most medium.


Easy to Use

It’s super easy for you to edit your website content. Thanks to tools that come with your website, now it’s easy than ever create, edit,  and publish most of your website content on your own without coding.

Easy to learn

Intuitive user interface to help your website users easy find things matters them without instructions.

Your site visitor enjoys meeting their expectations relaxed while saving time.

Availability and Accessibility

99% uptime, featherweight website for fast downloading, so your website visitor will always access your website wherever they want instantly.

Enhanced Clarity

Your website visitors come to your site with specific goals in their mind.

We make sure that your site can help them meets their goal efficiently.


Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS trusted by more than 2 Million website owners around the world.

With Joomla CMS, it is so much easier to add more website services into your website to meet your business needs, and your client expectations and desires.


With WordPress it is easier to create beautiful easy to use, easy to manage, reliable websites and blogs real fast.

Now we can save your money and time building or updating your new website.


latest evolution with long-awaited novelties, such as rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations.

New way to layouts your website pages, like multi-columns, flexible box or grid layouts now your website will look amazingly beautiful with less lines of codes.


With technology advancement, comes innovations, now we can improve usability even further with new design possibility comes with css3, so you can keep your client happy.


New elements, attributes, and behaviors make HTML5 a language of choice when building powerful websites and applications

Now we can describe all of your website pages content is about precisely.  Connectivity Your website communicates with the server in new and innovative ways.

Offline and storage
your website web pages can store data on website visitor's device and your website visitor can access stored data offline.

easy embedding video and audio right into your webpage and your website visitors can access without a need to install anything in their devices.

2D/3D graphics and effects
your website has more that one way of presenting its content - multimedia.

Performance and integration
We can now optimize your website for a greater speed and better usage of computer hardware.

Device access
Your  can now use and access your website by various medium.

Website App


An editor for writers
With an uncluttered, simple writing environment which allows a fast formatting and a seamless authoring experience,  you can focus entirely on the content being created.

labeling functionality to allow for fine-grained categorization of content. Tags gives you a flexible archive which adapts to your needs. You can build almost any type of category, section, format or flow using tags.

Working With Team
Invite your whole team to collaborate, or invite the guest writer to contribute with multiple roles, like authors, editors, and administrators.

Content Scheduling
Set your posts to go live on the date and time you want, queue your post to reflect your editorial calendar ahead of time.

Commenting Features
increase engagement and build loyal audiences online with Facebook or discuss commenting system.


Building your portfolio has never been this perfect and the simplest way - showcase your beautiful work in your own style

Upload and share
Upload your Photos, Videos, Audio Files, Animated GIF, PDF and Shockwave Flash files in a snap. Rearrange anything by simply dragging and dropping!

Fullscreen lightbox
With lightbox, your visitors will be able to see your images up close.

Fullscreen lightbox
With lightbox, your visitors will be able to see your images up close.

Beautiful image grids
Display your work images in a gorgeous, responsive grid.

Email and Newsletters

Contacts Segmentation
Integrated list management tools help you organize your email marketing contact within set segments based on demographics, stages in sell funnel or just any custom criteria you set.

Send Emails Automatic
Use email automation to automatically trigger emails, like a welcome note to first time client, or serialized emails to a lead or event reminder email.

Real-time Reports
Get a detailed set of real-time reports of opened, shared, rejected emails and much more - simply track the success of your email campaign.

Re-engage your leads
Nurture and reactivate stagnant contacts, leads that aren’t ready to buy today with smart serialized emails or reminders.

Managed Web Server

High-Performance Servers

Your website finds its home to the powerful web server, perfect for your website, your application or development environment.

Root access
Your server account comes with full "root" access and a dedicated IP address.

Infinite OS combinations
You can deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, (and more!) or use your customized OS.

Infinite OS combinations
You can deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, (and more!) or use your customized OS.

Intel E5 Processors
The fastest processors in the cloud market, the latest generation of Intel CPUs to guarantee consistent performance.

SSD Storage
Industry-leading native SSD for optimal performance.

Powerful Network Connection
40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy.


Easy, intuitive control panel to manage your domains.

DNS Manager
Oversee your domains with full-featured DNS manager. Supports both master and slave zones.

Protect Your Privacy
Your domain privacy is necessary to protect your identity and information

Automatic Domain Renewal
So you will never accidentally lose your domain.

Secure Transfer Locking
So, your domain is protected from hijackers and scammers.

SSD Storage
Industry-leading native SSD for optimal performance.

Powerful Network Connection
40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy.


Professional email that uses your domain - Give your business a professional look with an email @ your domain name.

Email Encryption
Keep the wrong people from intercepting your email and getting access to your company’s - or your client’s - confidential information.

Spam & Virus Protection
Our premium filtering keeps your in-box virtually free of spam and viruses.

Secure & Private
We don't read, sell or scan your email content for advertising purposes.

Access your email from the web browser, computer third-party email client or your mobile device

Email storage
unlimited storage capacity

Unlimited Mailbox
have as many Mailbox as you wish

FTP and sFTP

Transfer your files (download) to your computer or transfer your files to your server.

Execute folder contents, change directories, create folders or delete files easily

FTP protocol
Non Secure channel to transfer data.

sFTP protocol
A secure channel, transfer your data securely with a private and safe data stream.


Host and managed instance of MySQL world's most popular open source database.

Host, and managed instance of Postgresql, the world's most advanced open source database.

Host, and managed instance of Postgresql, the world's most advanced open source database.

Data and Metrics


Beautifully presented statistics with maps and graphs so you can easily learn about your leads's location, demography and how they reach your site.

Bounce Rate
Learn how many visitors visited your website leaves completing no action - easy understand area with a problem and act to address the issue

Conversion Rate
Learn how many visitors who fill the form, download or buy your product and services or converts into a lead - so you know how effective each of your pages is help you business archive it's goal


Free SSL certificates

Encrypt one of your domain or all of them domains, encrypt your server's sensitive data with high-assurance digital certificates free.

Two-Factor Authentication

Increases the security of all of your login pages with two forms of authentication.

Backup and Disk images

Ready available backup and disck images used to recover all of your data, plus sensitive infomation from critical errors or security breach.