Startup Website

Kick Start your online marketing campaign beautifully and with confidence.

Enjoy fantastic tools and apps, like a portfolio, blog, newsletter, image gallery and so much more wrapped in your website mega pack, to help you start nicely.

Visibility. Engagement

Super easy to create and publish your contents. It is super easy to shares resources from industry leaders you clients and prospects care about, it's super easy to grow traffic from search engines and social media.

Cultivate engagement with comments, social share, review, and feedback about what you sell or your services. With newsletter app, you keep engaging with your client's or prospects in the inbox.

Work efficiently. Elegantly

The straightforwardness and clean design put valuable contents right in front of your website visitors. It helps them make quality decisions. And, with fascinating interactions and subtle animation to create this amazing, remarkable experiences.

Power and Freedom. Pricelessly

Your website comes with everything to scale your online marketing campaign in a way you have never have before. Thanks to robust functionality that come with your site.


Startup Website features blog

Get More Traffic Freely

Easily share with the world your business or your valuable industry resources.

Share everything story, tips, and trick, white paper, or even distributing free eBook to download right. Update your website to keep fresh.

Startup website portfolio

Showcase Good Work, Greatly.

Build your online presence in the greater way as your achievements.

It is so easy to share with the world your favorite projects in just any form you would like beautifully, whether it is an image, video, or audio you have the choice.

Your business portfolio has not been better online this way.

Startup Website Design newsletter

Get Attension. Build Trust

Keep your engage with you customers who buy infrequently Easily manage your email campaigns, share news about your services, product, promote your special offer or build a relationship with current clients.

Well-designed newsletter templates readily installed to help you send these beautiful professional newsletters, especially on Christmas.

Add subscription form into your web page and grow your contacts, quickly.

One Website all devices

Your site fits smoothly and nicely in the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, so your client enjoys your awesome service no matter where they are, at home, office or on the go.



Built with CSS3

Now, your website will never be ordinary. Advancement empowers us to invocations, to think outside the box.

Now that ever we are ready to install all these goodies into your website.

Expect the incredible site with exceptional user experience, wich means a happy user which means more conversion – more money.

Built with HTML 5 Technology

CSS3 is all about beauty, and HTML 5 is all about capability.

So now it easy to play audio, video right on your website without the need to install extras software or plugins.

Which means, now you can enhance your site with super rich with multimedia content, such as video, audio and it just works on all devices, isn't that cool.

Website Templates

Excellent templates are available to make sure you can kickstart your online campaign right away.

It allows you launch your online marketing campaign instantly.

Choose from our wide variety of professional template that suits your desire and right there you have your website ready to market your business.

Responsive Website

Shopping these day has become a casual thing. And some decision to hire you, buy your product or service happens on the way between home and office.

Your website needs to be able to serve this trend, and it has to work smoothly on all devices, responsive design makes all this possible.

Now you can help your clients smoothly, wherever they are, at home, at office or on the Go

Web System


An award-winning content management system (CMS) empowering more than 1 million websites off all type by today.

Joomla is one of our backbone, a website building Foundation, it is a powerful tool helps us serve you cheaply, quickly and efficiently.


Just like Joomla, you will love how is so easy to manage your website with WordPress. It is one of the tools we use now and then.

The cool blogging feature of WordPress makes it the World sweetest, most used website building tool ever being. It is almost a must tool.

Website Content

Edit, Update and Customize Easily

Whether your website uses WordPress or Joomla, you will love the fact that is super easy to manage your website.

Now, editing, add and update your website text, change images, sounds, videos, and animation is super easy as making the Word document.

The best thing is, you can do all of this while watching your kids playing, it is super simple. I mean you don’t need to call programmer or IT guy to help you.


6 Months Free Maintance.

Since your website is programmatically, then systems which made all magic happen have to be maintained.

Maintenance usually ranges from simple every month site audits to complex technical maintenance, security checkup.

Also, check for broken links, and functions updates, website testing. All to make sure your site is 100% efficient.

t first 6month we offer you a free maintenance, and you can continue to enjoy all the above with a very minimum fee.

1yr Free Domain Name

If you new or you have a new website, we offer free website domain name for the first year and you continue to pay for renews after that. Yes welcome onboard

1Yr Free Webhosting

AS domain, so we do web hosting, we offer free shared hosting account to all newbies.

Enjoy free one year shared web hosting. A state of the art server.

Our shared web hosting service comes with

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited bandwidths
  • Multi-lingual Control Panel
  • 1 Domains Hosted
  • 500 Email Accounts
*You pay 120usd on your renew.

Q: What is Startup website Design?

A: Is website pricing plan, designed specifically for you, a new business, new project or website for you, to share with the world your professional career.

It means to be an affordable way for you to have a website with all tools and technology you want to scale, to grow your business online.

Q: How long does it take for my site be ready?

A: It takes 14 days to have your full site functioning. Designed, and developed ready for you to start using

Q: What type of website does startup website plan make?

A: Though does not have a limit, but you may find that, new business, start-ups or someone with scarce resource will benefit with this package.

Also, Business portfolio, business blog, personal blogs, or a business catalog is a perfect fit.

Q: How many web page I can get with startup website?

A: You can create unlimited pages

Q: I want web gallery can I get?

A: Yes, You can have your photo gallery.

Q: I have domain name already register?

A: No, You see, this is very particular setup. though we are sure you will find other valuable offer and benefits to your business in startup package

Service & Support

To make sure you achieve your online goals and you keep serving your valuable customers, or when you need help, someone is always online to assist you.


Free - First six month, then you can decedide to upgrade or extend with minimum fee.

Awesome Support

24hr-365-days no obligation, no fuzzy, customer support policy free for a life time

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